Spencer Graves Hooked a Friend During a Fishing Tournament

Photo: Sergi Alexander

Fishing can be dangerous. Spencer Graves, of Spencer & Kristen, found out the hard way when he accidentally caught his friend and teammate, Byron Hendrix. "At the beginning, we were both standing on the front then Byron moved to the back...or so I thought." Hendrix slid back but not out of the reach of Graves cast. "I heard a loud "thud" and asked what the hell did I just hit?" Hendrix put his hand down, not knowing what really happened. "I saw the hook and knew it was bad." Graves said.

The hook, a Spro Bronzeye frog, did a complete pass through luckily. In a video, Graves used pliers to break the barb and send the hook back through. All in all, they managed to remove the hook and get back to fishing.

Photo: Getty Images

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