Chumlee From 'Pawn Stars' Has Lost 160lbs Due To Gastric Sleeve

Photo: Getty Images for Murray SawChuck

'Chumlee,' a popular character from 'Pawn Stars' has lost 160 pounds due to the gastric sleeve. 'Chumlee,' his real name is Austin Lee, said that he was tired of the up and down weight game and finally made a decision to change that. 'Chumlee' was tired of struggling with his weight, which constantly fluctuated 100 pounds at a time. 'Chumlee' says it had been a years-long battle and he felt it was time to make a drastic change after getting all the way up to 350 pounds in January 2019.

The gastric sleeve shrinks the size of the stomach and limits how much food one can eat.

Photo: Getty Images

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