Black Bears Euthanized After Canadian Woman Wouldn't Stop Feeding Them

Photo: AFP via Getty Images

A Canadian woman was warned before but didn't stop feeding some local black bears. Zuzana Stevikova, of Whistler, was fined $60,000 after buying 10 cases of apples, 50 pounds of carrots and 180 eggs per week to feed the wild animals during the summer of 2018. The Conservation Officer Service received a complaint that someone in a neighborhood was feeding some black bears and was making residents feel uneasy about how close the bears were getting to homes, children and pets. Another Canadian, Oliver Dugan, was hit with similar charges, however his charges were stayed, meaning the Crown has decided not to prosecute his case, as per Canadian law.

The illegal feeding led to three black bears being euthanized after they became so used to their weekly feedings that they no longer showed fear of humans while causing property damage throughout the neighborhood. $60,000 is the highest fine administered to anyone involved in a case such as this.

Photo: Getty Images

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