Katie Couric Rips Martha Stewart, Prince Harry, and Former Co-Workers

Photo: Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Katie Couric is no stranger to the spotlight and now, she's going after everyone. Couric, in a new memoir, Going There, alleged that she and Larry King went to dinner and then back to his home where he put his advances on her. Couric said King said, "When I like, I really like," before she pushed him off of her. Prince Harry couldn't escape her either. In fact, Couric mentioned that Prince Harry smelled of booze and cigarettes while it "oozed out of every pore."

Even the woman who Couric replaced on the TODAY Show, Deborah Norville, was attacked when Couric penned, "[Norville] alienated viewers with her relentless pursuit of perfection." Couric dominated morning shows in the 90's but says that she even railroaded other female prospects as a way to "protect her turf." During her career, Couric interviewed some of the biggest names in entertainment and said about Martha Stewart, she needed a healthy dose of humble by the way of prison.

Several sources added that Couric will never work again after this book. Couric who left TV years ago signed a deal with an internet venture that ended several years ago.

Photo: Getty Images

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