Maine Lobster Fishermen Is Oldest In The State

Photo: AFP via Getty Images

Virginia Oliver is 101 and still doing her thing on the water. Oliver started trapping lobsters when she was 8, and now, she catches them using a boat that once belonged to her late husband and bears her name, the “Virginia.” Oliver is concerned about the health of Maine’s lobster population, which she said is subject to heavy fishing pressure these days. When asked if she plans on stopping, Oliver was very matter of fact. “I’ve done it all my life, so I might as well keep doing it,” Oliver said. Oliver fishes with her 78 year old son, Max.

Oliver was destined for this line of work. Her father was a lobster dealer, starting around 1900, and instilled a love of the business in Oliver, who joined him on trips. Oliver still gets excited about a lobster dinner and typically fixes one for herself once a week. And she has no plans to quit lobstering any time soon.

Photo: Getty Images

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