Joyce Milsap, The Wife Of Ronnie Milsap, Has Died

Photo: Rick Diamond

The two lived a lifetime together. Joyce Reeves Milsap was born on July 25, 1941 in Gainesville, Georgia. She met Ronnie Milsap at a dinner, hosted by her cousin. Together, they started chasing Milsap’s dream of becoming a singer and married in 1965. “There are no words, and not enough songs in the world to explain how much I love my Sapphire,” Milsap said. “When people tell me they love my music, I always smile, because that music is pure Joyce. We went through lean times laughing, good times beyond our imagination, tough times where we held on to each other for dear life,” Milsap continued.

The couple had their only son, Ronald Todd, who preceded his mother's death after passing at the age of 49. Joyce Reeves Milsap was also a grandmother to Kye, Asher, Mya and Wyler.

Photo: Getty Images

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