Numerous Police Departments Show Support For Fallen Holly Springs Officer

Photo: Boston Globe via Getty Images

Numerous police departments showed their support for fallen Holly Springs officer, Joe Burson. Burson died following a traffic stop that turned deadly. Ofc. Burson was allegedly caught under the car that the suspect was driving. Both Ofc. Burson and the suspect died.

Whenever we lose an officer, the entire community mourns that loss. Over 150 officers have died in 2021 and over 35 of them were killed in the line of duty, in just five months. We lost 46 officers in all of 2020. Police deaths mirror the increase in violent crime across the country. There were 56 shootings of four or more people in May, the highest number of mass shootings of any month since the Gun Violence Archive, a research nonprofit, started tracking the data in 2013.

Rest in peace Officer Burson.

Photo: Getty Images

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