Najee Harris Holds Draft Party At a Homeless Shelter

We dream as children. For some, it's to become the President or a famous athlete. For others, it's to belong, be loved, and have a home. Najee Harris knows both those dreams, intimately. As a child, Harris had all those dreams. Before being selected in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, Harris was a homeless child in Richmond, California who spent several years in the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program. Harris, his parents, and four older siblings lived in a small room at the shelter in 2010 while struggling with homelessness. Harris said he has fond memories of the place and wanted to do something to give back. Before the draft, Harris visited the shelter and said it was rather emotional for he and his family.

"It was really emotional for my mom," Harris told Sports Illustrated. "Almost as if she was crying, in a way, because we have a lot of memories here. That was a time in my life when it was really low." Harris was the 24th selection, in the draft, and will be playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Photo: Getty Images

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