Spencer Graves Weekend In Pictures

What a great weekend, a busy but great, weekend!

On Friday, my good friend from Cody Alan's show, Lauryn Snapp, called and said there was a private show at Sugarloaf Country Club with newcomer Nate Smith and Josh Kiser. As we walked in, we heard what sounded like Chris Stapleton. Little did we know that was Josh Kiser. Kiser is really new to Nashville but not country music. Kiser grew up outside Chattanooga but moved to Nashville a year or so ago. Nate Smith has been in Nashville a little longer and has some good writing credits to his name. It was great seeing both of them light up the crowd of golfers at this tournament. Be on the lookout from music from the two of them.

Saturday, I got up early to hit Lake Lanier for what has been a really good bite recently. Saturday was slow in the morning but really picked up in the afternoon. Even though I pulled off the lake by noon, I had several in the boat and like always, we didn't get skunked.

Later Saturday night, I went to celebrate hunting and conservation with Georgia SCI. Governor Brian Kemp was there to sign a piece of legislation into law. When I saw Governor Kemp, he smiled and thanked us for having him on the show at the beginning of COVID-19. Gov. Kemp then said jokingly, "lets get a picture and I hope it doesn't make me look short." The efforts that have been made locally, in addition to nationwide to protect our wildlife populations, have been incredible. The whitetail deer population is up, along with the turkey population. Bears are continuing to flourish throughout the US.

The good news...my turkey mount from last season is drying and almost finished. I can't wait to get that back into the house.

Sunday, my buddy Mark, invited me over to his private pond to fish. We had a blast and pulled a couple bass off spawning beds.

I hope you had a great weekend with friends and family!

Photo: @MrSpencerGraves / Instagram

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