Sending Cards To Moms In Nursing Homes and Memory Care Facilities

Let's help bring smiles to some faces who often get forgotten about. My Mom has been in a Virginia nursing home since 2015. As a kid, I would see my Mom's face light up when she would get a card. My Dad shared a funny story when my Mom sent her cousin, 50 cards for the 50 days before her 50th birthday. Then, on her 50th birthday, my Mom called and asked if she got any cards.

Since my Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, I've seen moments being robbed from her. The smallest act from us would be sending a card to bring that joy back to her. If you'd like to send a card for Mother's Day to my Mom, this is her address:

Woodhaven Nursing Home

PO Box 168

Montvale, VA 24122

There are several other moms, as residents, and we can get them cards too!

Photo: @MrSpencerGraves / Instagram

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