Cuban Immigrant Goes From Minimum Wage To Maximum Owner

Marietta Rodriguez IS the American dream and she says that! As we celebrate International Women's Day we were honored to hear Rodriguez story. Rodriguez walked into the 94.9 The Bull studios apprehensive and nervous to be on the radio. As she sat down, the questions came, "How are you? Is this your family?" Instantly, Rodriguez became comfortable and began to share the journey she had in her life.

Rodriguez was just 7 years old when her family left Cuba for Chicago, Illinois. After living there, her family relocated to southern Florida. Rodriguez, the child of a single mother, wanted money for a promdress so she joined her local McDonald's as a crew member. As her career continued, Rodriguez began to climb the corporate ladder in a franchise world. Eventually, she left the store and joined the corporate stores, management and ultimately, the ownership group.

After 40 years, Rodriguez and her family opened their first store. Since then, they've opened several others, now owning the store in Calhoun, Georgia. When asked about the American dream, Rodriguez was very pointed, saying "I AM the American dream. I lived it."

Photo: Getty Images

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