A Firefighter Has Been Disciplined For Driving a Victim To The Hospital

A firefighter is facing his own personal fire after rushing a child victim to the hospital after the ambulance was delayed. The Oklahoma City Fire Department Chief, Richard Kelley, said "we don't transport patients. That's not our job." Chief Kelley says the initial complaint against Britt came from EMSA, the emergency service that was more than 20 minutes late during the call on Christmas Eve.

Here's the timeline:

7:05:10 P.M. Engine 34 was dispatched on a medical call of a toddler with second degree burns all over her body

7:05:55 P.M. Brush-Pumper 32 was added to the incident

7:09:59 P.M. Brush-Pumper 32 arrived on the scene and initiated patient care

7:13:17 P.M. Engine 34 and Major Britt arrived on the scene and assisted with patient care

7:17:55 P.M. Major Britt requested that EMSA upgrade their response from a Priority 2 to a Priority 1

7:17:59 P.M. EMSA response status changed to Priority 1

7:22:00 P.M. Major Britt requests an ETA of EMSA. EMSA was responding from the “Mercy” Area and had been on the road route for 4 minutes

7:29:44 P.M. Major Britt informed dispatch to cancel EMSA because these people decided to go POV due to the nature of the emergency

7:30:00 P.M. Major Britt asks OKCFD Dispatch if they were clear to cancel EMSA

The family of the young girl is applauding Major Britt for acting the way that he did. Other firefighters showed support, "while he did break protocol, he did it to save a child's life."

Major Britt has learned that he will keep his pay and rank but will face what the chief calls “internal corrective measures."

Photo: Getty Images

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