Spencer Graves Dog May Have Been Saving His Life From Sleep Apnea

My dog, Zeus, has been saving my life and I was mad about it. Now, I know why.

Since 2014, Zeus has always slept right by my side. I've been procrastinating on getting a sleep test because I'm your regular guy. At the end of December I finally made the appointment and got my sleep study. Doctors determined that I'm a "severe candidate" with sleep apnea and immediately put me on an APAP machine, which automatically regulates air into your body to keep you breathing.

Since being on the machine, Zeus, doesn't sleep that close anymore. I wondered why, so I called the vet and asked if it was stress because of the machine. "He was waiting to save your life," she said. "Dogs have the ability to sense trouble and danger. He was probably moving around to jump start you and wake you up."

After we ended the call, I started to think back to moments of Zeus' restlessness. Almost every time, I woke up gasping for air immediately after being kicked or nudged. Now, I'm starting to think this theory could be true.

Photo: @MrSpencerGraves

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