President Biden Signed An Executive Order Mandating Masks For Travelers

President Biden has said, before the election, that he would ask the public to mask up for 100 days. Thursday may be a step in that direction after the newly appointed President Biden signed an executive order that puts a mask mandate in place for "interstate travelers." The travel order applies to airports and planes, trains, ferries, intercity buses and public transportation. The move to mandate masks was immediately celebrated by a flight attendants union. Delta Air Lines recently said it has restricted 880 passengers because of mask noncompliance.

This order does not mean that interstate travelers, in their own personal vehicle, will have to wear a mask. Basically, if you're driving your car, you're good to choose.

In addition to the mask mandate, Biden also ordered that all travelers, including US citizens, will be required to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test before entering the United States from abroad.

Photo: Getty Images

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