Five Young Farmers Replace a Servers Stolen Tips

Five young farmers come together to do the unthinkable. After two women were caught on camera stealing tips and then leaving a local restaurant, some of the businesses' biggest customers repaid them in kindness.

Victoria's Ristorante and Wine bar co-owner Natalie Victoria said she was hopeful the new year would be better than 2020. After all the damage the pandemic has had on small businesses the last thing she expected was for someone to take advantage of her staff. "We had a couple of gals come in and place a kind of a complicated order, and proceed to kind of hang around and wait. We had a drawer that we had our tips in and when no one was around they kind of went back and grabbed the tips,'' said Victoria.

News of the theft swept the small town and the Shea family took notice. Bronson, Carter, Rowan, Ryan, and Bennett Shea are all fans of Victoria's. The boys said they felt bad when their, parents told them about what happened and they knew right away they wanted to do something to make up for the stolen cash. The boys pulled together $200 they earned from working over the summer and delivered the money with a card to the staff.

Photo: Getty Images

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