Customer Service Rep Donates Money To Callers Non Profit

All of us dread calling customer service. Arpi Krikorian called 1-800-CONTACTS to place an order. While on the call, the representative began asking the usual questions, "name, where are you from, family members, etc." Then, the conversation took a turn and Arpi began talking about her husbands non profit, Code 3 Angels. The two talked for a while during the order and then ended their call. Several days later, a package arrives but not from 1-800-CONTACTS. It was a letter that read:

"Dear Arpi and Joe,

Thank you for sharing your story about the mission work you are doing in Armenia. My heart was touched. We live in crazy times. The people of Armenia will be in my prayers. You both will be in my prayers for you to be safe, strong and protected. Thank you for your contact lens orders. We appreciate your business. It was such a pleasure meeting you. This is a small donation. I know you will use it toward whatever will best suit your needs.

Take care!

Lyndi Reed"

Photo: Getty Images

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