New Survey Suggests People Stand Up For Their Beliefs More Now

According to a new survey, four out of five Americans say this year has made them want to stand up for what they believe in more than ever before. And here are the 10 ways we're doing that . . .

1. Voting in tomorrow's election, 59%. (Normally, 25-30% of the countries eligible voters, vote)

2. Sharing opinions more openly, 55%. (Social media is a big reason)

3. Having more conversations with people close to us about important issues, 41%. (Being open to others)

4. Educating ourselves on current issues, 39%. (The internet, good and bad, has more people doing research)

5. Educating other people on how to vote, 32%. (Thanks to advertising, early voting and mailers.)

6. Helping other people vote, 29%. (Numerous groups are organizing giving rides to the polls)

7. Signing petitions, 27%. (More than ever, signing petitions is up.)

8. Donating to causes we believe in, 24%. (Not just for the tax breaks)

9. Volunteering for causes we believe in, 23%. (Activism)

10. Participating in protests, rallies, or marches, 19%. (A rise in protests have been widely known)

Photo: Getty Images

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