Judgmental Map of Alabama

Always see these "judgmental maps" floating around the internet stereotyping various areas of town and, in this case, the whole state of Alabama. This one even dives into some of the surrounding states and the 'judgmental' descriptions of them.

We need to know who created this as it seems the artist submitted it anonymously. But we also want to know your thoughts - head on over to our Facebook page and join the conversation!

If you're interested, it appears you can buy their book full of these maps: Judgmental Maps: Your City. Judged

According to the Amazon.com book description,

A sharp tongued and fierce witted full-color collection of maps of America’s greatest cities in all their brutally honest glory.

What started as a joke between comedian Trent Gillaspie and his friends in Denver, quickly grew into a viral sensation with a rabid and enthusiastic community labeling maps of their cities with names and descriptions we all think of, but are a bit too shy to say out loud. Collected here in a full color, beautifully packaged book with all new, never before published material, Judgmental Maps is laugh out loud funny from New York to Los Angeles, Minneapolis to Atlanta and offending everyone else in between.

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