Firefighters save dog with specialized pet oxygen mask (video)

Firefighters in Bakersfield, California rescued a little white Shih Tzu from a house fire last Wednesday.  And when they got it outside, it wasn't moving.

But luckily, they had an oxygen mask specifically made for dogs and cats.  So they started using it and basically brought the dog back to life.

And check this out.  The only reason they had a mask like that is because a group of GIRL SCOUTS raised $2,400 back in 2015 to buy 37 of them . . . one for every single fire engine in the city.

The fire department posted a video of them giving the dog oxygen.  At the beginning, he's not moving.  But by the end, he's sitting up. 

He ended up with some burns to his feet, but should be fine.  They posted a photo two days later of him with the firefighter who carried him out.

And here's some more Girl Scout-related good news:  The Girl Scouts announced this week that they're adding 23 new merit badges that are all related to STEM education . . . which stands for "science, technology, engineering, and math." The point is to expose more girls to skills in those fields.  They also announced a new cybersecurity badge last month. 

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