Green Day apologizing for going on after an acrobat death at festival

On Friday night, GREEN DAY performed at a music festival in Spain called the Mad Cool Festival . . . but just minutes before their set, a 42-year-old acrobat named Pedro FELL TO HIS DEATH.

Pedro was suspended about 100 feet in the air in a transparent cage, and was dancing to Prince's "Purple Rain".  But his harness snapped, and he plunged to the ground.  A lot of people in the crowd saw it, and some even caught it on video.

The festival paused for 30 minutes, and then Green Day excitedly took the stage and performed a full set . . . never acknowledging the horror that had just happened.

 Well, after the show, Green Day said that they had NO IDEA someone had died.  The band Tweeted, quote, "We just got off stage at Mad Cool Festival to disturbing news.  A very brave artist named Pedro lost his life tonight in a tragic accident."

BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG said they didn't even know there were acrobats performing.  All he knew was that 15 minutes before they were set to go on, they were told they'd have to wait to go onstage because of a "security issue."

He also said, quote, "If we had known prior to our performance, we most likely wouldn't have played at all.  We are not heartless people."

Festival organizers also released a statement, saying they decided to continue with the show for, quote, "security reasons," whatever that means.  The festival went on the next day too, although they paid tribute to the fallen acrobat. 

(Here's UNCENSORED video.  It shows the man falling to his death.  You don't see the impact, but it still might be too disturbing for some people.  He falls about 55 seconds in.)

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