The key to making up after an argument- different for guys and girls!


You don't have to admit you're WRONG to end an argument . . . God forbid.  But you may have to shed some tears or get naked.

According to a new study out of Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, there are two KEYS to making up after an argument . . . and they're very different for women and men.

When you want to make up with your girlfriend or wife, the BEST way to reconcile is . . . to cry.  That's the ultimate way to show you're emotionally invested in the relationship and that you're not going to let one argument affect your commitment.

But if you want to make up with your boyfriend or husband, the key is . . . making a sexual advance.  The researchers say that shows a man you're, quote, "still sexually accessible and, as such, do not want to end the relationship."

So, got it?  Crying and getting-it-on solves all of your problems.  Now you know. 

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