What's Awesome: Bikers stand up for bullied kid

A 10-year-old named Xander Rose lives up in Nova Scotia, and he's been dealing with bullies for years.  He says pretty much everyone at school picks on him except his brother, and one buddy he has.

But he's really into BIKING culture . . . the Harley kind, not the Lance Armstrong kind.  So his mom recently reached out to a group of bikers called Defenders of the Children.

And yesterday, dozens of big burly dudes on bikes showed up to ESCORT him to school as a show of force, so other kids know they've got his back.

At least one report put the final count at about TWO HUNDRED bikers.

They met up in a parking lot and all rode to his house together to pick him up.  Then he showed up at school on the back of a Harley, in full biker gear.  And a bunch of them walked him to the front door before he went in.

His school year's almost over, but hopefully he'll have an easier time next year now.  He'll also get to meet up with some of his new biker friends again at a big rally that's happening next month. 

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