What's Awesome: 50 states, 50 lawns

America is a big country with a lot of grass that needs to be cut, and one Alabama college student plans to spend the summer mowing as much of it as possible.

Last year, Rodney Smith Jr. founded Raising Men Lawn Care – a community organization he created to get kids involved with helping the elderly, disabled, single mothers and veterans by mowing their lawns for free.

With the help of generous donors, Smith's organization hopes to spread out to all 50 states this summer. The social work student at Alabama A&M University is planning on driving coast-to-coast and has already mowed lawns in 20 states since he set out on his journey on May 10th.

Rodney says, "My goal is two-fold – to 'pay it forward' and provide someone in need with a manicured lawn, and to teach kids to choose a positive path as they learn their value in society. I have 60 kids now who help to mow lawns, and we've started chapters in six other states. My dream is take it nationwide."

You can follow his cross-country journey at his website 50states50lawns.com.

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