4 hacks to deal with mosquito bites

Aedes aegypti

Mosquito season is in full swing.  Here are four things that can help if you find yourself covered in bites this summer . . .

1.  Take a Benadryl.  At the core, you're dealing with an allergic reaction.  So it can help with the itching.  It's probably overkill if you only have one or two bites though.

2.  Put toothpaste on them.  Calamine lotion is better.  But toothpaste can help with the itching too.  And it's a good solution if you're out camping and can't get to a store.

3.  Put aloe on it.  It helps with the itching and swelling, and also helps them heal.  Apparently aloe from the actual plant works better than the sunburn stuff.

4.  Treat them with salt water.  Or really, salt PASTE.  Pour a little bit of water on the bite, just to get it wet.  Then rub some salt on there.  It might sting at first, but it should help with the itching.

There are also a few things you can do to reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home.  And they all have to do with standing water.  Clean your gutters out . . . fill in any holes in your yard . . . and get rid of anything else that might collect water.  Like if you have a wheelbarrow, make sure you store it upside down. 

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