Eight US cities you've probably been saying wrong forever...

Thrillist.com posted a list of a bunch of U.S. cities people mispronounce all the time.  Here are eight of them.  There's a decent chance you've gone your whole life saying at least one of these wrong . . .

1.  Boise, Idaho.  (BOY-see)  Most people say it like there's a "Z" in there.  And it's a pretty minor difference, but it's supposed to be pronounced with an "S" sound.


2.  Lafayette, Louisiana.  (LAH-fee-et)  Most people say La-FAY-et, like it's spelled.  But it's La-FEE-et.


3.  Helena, Montana.  (HELL-en-uh)  A lot of people say Hell-AY-nuh.  But the emphasis should be on the first syllable, not the second.


4.  Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  (WILKS-Bairy)  The second half is spelled B-A-R-R-E, so a lot of people say Wilks-BAR.  But it's Wilks-BAIRY.


5.  Kissimmee, Florida.  (Kah-SIM-ee)  Some people put the emphasis on the first part, KIH-suh-mee.  But it's Kah-SIM-ee.


6.  Norfolk, Virginia.  (NOR-fik)  It doesn't actually rhyme with the world "folk."  It's NOR-fik . . . or NAW-fik if you want to sound like you're from Virginia.


7.  Spokane, Washington.  (Spo-CAN)  It looks like it's Spo-CANE, but it's Spo-CAN.


8.  Louisville, Kentucky.  (LOO-ih-vull)  A lot of people say "LOUEY-ville."  But there's no hard "E".  So it almost sounds like it's just two syllables . . . LOO-ih-vull.  (Thrillist)



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