What's Awesome: A cop gives her kidney to a little boy (video)

 There's an 8-year-old kid named Jackson Arneson in Janesville, Wisconsin.  His family found out a few years ago that he needed a kidney transplant.  He didn't need it right away.  But everyone in his family got tested, and no one was a match.  So now he DOES need one as soon as possible.  And his mom recently turned to Facebook looking for a donor.

About 1,500 people shared her post, and a 30-year-old woman named Lindsey Bittorf saw it.  She works as a cop in another town just north of them, but they'd never met.

She saw the post in December . . . decided to get tested . . . and found out she was a perfect match.  So she showed up at their house earlier this month to tell Jackson's mom she wanted to donate.  Obviously it got pretty emotional.

She told Jackson that she took an oath to serve and protect the community, and that's what she's doing.  The transplant is scheduled for June 22nd. 

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