Tom Brady is going to be on the cover of the new Madden, is he going to be cursed??

 TOM BRADY is on the cover of the "Madden '18" video game, and you know what that means:  Patriots fans are freaking out that he'll fall prey to the MADDEN CURSE, and get INJURED.

It's happened to a lot of players:  Make the cover of "Madden", and your next season will be crappy and / or injury plagued.  It doesn't happen every year, but it's happened enough.

Brady's teammate ROB GRONKOWSKI was last year's "Madden" cover boy, and he spent a lot of time on injured reserve, including the postseason.

Obviously, the memes are coming in fast and furious.  Some people are suggesting that ROGER GOODELL got Brady on the cover.  Others are joking that it was Brady's backup QB JIMMY GAROPPOLO.

You know who's NOT scared of this stupid curse?  Tom Brady.  He even posted a video on Facebook where he breaks a mirror and walks under a ladder. 

What's funny is that he breaks a HAND MIRROR, and in the caption, he says they wouldn't let him break a full-length mirror.  So maybe not everyone on Team Brady thinks curses are silly.

He also made a video where his people make him wear a bubble to keep him safe.

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