Promposal is a bust! A drug bust!

A Georgia high school student was recently asked to the prom, and though someday she may not remember everything about the dance, she will never forget about the wild, heart-stopping promposal.

Her date, who is very lucky the girl said yes, went so far in his promposal to get local police involved to stage a fake drug bust.

A police dash cam video captured the staged traffic stop when he pulled over the couple driving in a white pickup truck. At first, the officer explained that he pulled them over because the license plate was obstructed, but then he mentioned that the truck had once been pulled over for narcotics and he wanted to search it again.

They gave the officer permission to look around and the couple, or at least the girl, were stunned when he discovered a bag of weed. After insisting that the weed wasn't hers, the officer handed her a slip of paper which presumably included something about the prom because she laughed and said, "Oh my God, this is not funny."

Her date then pulled a sign out of the truck which read, "Prom? Say yes or you’re under arrest!"

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