What's Awesome: A dad's surprise for his hard working son gets emotional (video)

9-year-old Kolt Kyler of Indiana is not your average boy. Sure, he goes to school and belongs to Cub Scouts and likes baseball. But he has very little time to do much else, because he also works hard on his family's farm.

But what really separates him from many other kids his age is that he never complains about the amount of work he has to do and never says no.

So when his father recently asked if he'd do something for him, Kolt, of course, answered yes. But what Kolt didn't realize is that his dad had a special surprise for him.

Because Kolt is such a hard worker at everything he does, his dad surprised him with two tickets to see his beloved Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field for the first time. Kolt's reaction, which his dad caught on video, is priceless.

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