Make-a-Wish kid gets to be a Weather Channel weather man!

There's an 11-year-old in Mullica Hill, New Jersey named Ryland Mishura, who suffers from a rare, life-threatening genetic disorder.  (Mullica Hill is in South Jersey, near Philly.)

The good news is that he's bright, confident, happy, and REALLY into meteorology.  As in, he loves the weather . . . and watching people DO the weather.  Especially when it comes to predicting hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes.

So his request for the Make-a-Wish Foundation was . . . to do the weather himself.  He wanted to visit the Weather Channel headquarters in Atlanta, and do the weather on live TV.  And last week they made it happen.

They flew him to Georgia, and had him do a four-minute segment on The Weather Channel show "Weather Center Live"

First he did the weather for Jersey and the surrounding area.  Then they had him do the seven-day forecast for the entire country . . . where he finally got to call a tornado.  And he was on top of his game the whole time. 

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