Wanna make a quick $11,000? Get bumped from your flights

  Delta Airlines had to cancel around 3,000 flights last week because of storms.  And while that had to be an absolute NIGHTMARE for tens of thousands of people . . . it was a JACKPOT for one family.

A woman named Laura Begley Bloom and her family were supposed to travel from New York to Florida on Delta for a vacation on Friday.

Their flight actually WASN'T canceled, so Delta was offering up a ton of money for people to give up their seats.  Laura and her family negotiated $1,350 each to get bumped to Saturday . . . and since there were three of them, that was a total of $4,050.

When they went back to the airport on Saturday, THAT flight was also okay, and they each took another $1,315 to get bumped to Sunday.

And at the airport on Sunday, they decided just to forget about the trip to Florida, and they each took $1,000 to give up their seats . . . AND they got the original cost of the tickets refunded.

So, all in, the family made $11,000 over the weekend just to stay in New York. 


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