This can not be a shirt!?!?!

If this counts as a shirt, then tube socks officially qualify as pants now.

Urban Outfitters has been selling something called an "Extreme Crop Tank Top Shrug" . . . a women's tank top that's so short, it doesn't even cover your BRA.

The front is about four inches long, and stops right above your cleavage.  So your whole bra is just out there.

It was on for $16 . . . which is expensive when you realize it's about eight cents worth of fabric.


They yanked it off their website at some point over the weekend, so you can't get it online anymore.  You might still be able to find it at one of their stores though.

Knowing the Internet, it would probably sell out in ten minutes if they put it online again.  So it might pop back up.

Incidentally, yanking it down and having it pop back up is literally all you'd do if you wore this thing. 

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