The hottest superbowl commercials out so far!

1.  Mr. Clean's Super Bowl ad features a woman getting all hot and heavy, as a sexy, animated Mr. Clean mops her floors.  Then she snaps out of it and realizes it's just her regular, frumpy guy doing the mopping.  But she's still so turned on that she jumps his bones anyway.  It's kind of funny, but something tells me this ad was the brainchild of a group of MALE executives. 


2.  The COEN BROTHERS are the guys behind "Fargo", "The Big Lebowski", and "No Country for Out Men", and they just shot their first Super Bowl ad.  It's for Mercedes, and it's pretty badass.

3. has a rundown of the best Super Bowl ads out so far, and it includes the Pepsi ad with Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco talking about how to avoid being a "party pooper."

There's also the Skittles one with the boy who's throwing Skittles up to his girlfriend's window trying to get her attention, when the candy is actually being eaten by her parents.  And the creepy Turbo Tax one with Kathy Bates.


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