Centerville Judge Gives Kidney to Stranger

Here's a letter we received from Larry Colburn telling us about his amazing story of a complete stranger giving him one of his kidneys!  

I am a local Police Officer at The University of Montevallo.  I have a hereditary kidney disease and found out that I needed a kidney transplant in June of 2017. I have a cousin that lives in Bibb County and she shared her story on Facebook of where she donated her kidney to my aunt and how I now needed a kidney. A local attorney in Centerville, Craig Cargile, saw the post and over prayer decided that this was something he wanted to do. 

Now, I had never met this man and he has a wife and 3 small children. I did not even know that he was trying to do this until about August or so. He went right after he saw the post and found that he was a match. We exchanged numbers in September and were talking by text because I had a friend who was also a match and was going to give me his kidney. When that fell through, Craig ended up giving me one of his kidneys.  We didn't meet until one week before our surgery. Our surgery happened on November 3rd (my 40th birthday). 

To give to a complete stranger your kidney and save their life is amazing. He is definitely an amazing and selfless man. I can never repay him and his family for what they have done for me. I thank God for sending him my way. Craig is also The Minister of Music at Centerville Baptist Church and just won the election for District Judge of Bibb County. A position I think he will be great for because I am living proof the type of man he is. 

I am back at work and I feel better than I have in a long time.

When we saw this letter we knew wanted to do something special for Craig and his family... so we surprised them with a BIG thank you and a beach trip to Panama City Beach!

They are going to be staying in the penthouse suite at the Holiday Inn Resort, and have even said they hope to bring Larry and his family along for the trip.  They have now become so close they are like family.

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