Dollar Bill Goes Bald For St. Jude

Dollar Bill turned 65 on Tuesday (April 24) and in honor of it, he wanted to raise money for the kids at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

About St. Jude - Thumbnail Image

About St. Jude

In turn, Bill pledged to shave his head if we raised $1,250 by midnight of his birthday. Beginning Tuesday, April 17, we took donations for the cause in hopes to meet the goal.

After all, who else wonders what Dollar Bill would like like bald?

Make Bill Go Bald For St. Jude - Thumbnail Image

Make Bill Go Bald For St. Jude

And now we know! By Wednesday morning (April 25), we raised over $1,500 for St. Jude and off came the hair - special thanks to Mehgen at B'Stylin for doing the deed.

HUGE thanks to the donators for making it all possible:

  • Robert Scott
  • Tressie Stancil
  • Quenby and Jason Hughes
  • Christina Green
  • Trudie Daniell
  • Elizabeth Sledge
  • Brooke Williams
  • Steve and Linda Harvell
  • Rob Glendinning
  • Ray Quinn
  • William Lawson
  • Cynthia Collins
  • Amanda Whalen
  • Dottie Cesario
  • Mindy Lambert
  • Randy & Susan Hitt
  • James Nardecchia
  • Mark Niederhauser
  • Lucinda Mason
  • Tony Soprano
  • Scotty Isbell
  • Raymond Quintero
  • Paula Tucker
  • Hilary Mills
  • Shelby England
  • Scott Hinshelwood
  • Camille Hantla
  • Victoria Moore
  • Chili Heads

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