102-5 the Bull does the Lemon Face Challenge!

The Lemon face challenge got started when 11 year old Aubreigh challenged Nick Saban to suck a lemon for a great cause!  Aubreigh was diagnosed with a rare type of brain cancer called DIPG and she wants this challenge to help raise money for the cause and her charity "Aubreigh's Army".  Nick happily volunteered and now the lemon face challenge is up and running, going viral all across the country with members of the Dodgers and Diamondback's participating!  So we thought we'd like to help too with our Dollar Bill and Madison's Doing Good! 

We brought the challenge to the Tin Roof for our IncrediBull Tuesday nights and not only participated but asked Devin Dawson who was performing to do it too!!

Check out the challenge below and who Devin challenged to do it next!

(Lemon challenge starts at 2:15!)

You can find out more on the Aubreigh's Army Facebook page.  And you can donate like we did by CLICKING ON Aubreigh's Army RIGHT HERE: YouCaring.com

If you want us to highlight your charity, click below!  You can also nominate someone that needs help or that is out doing good in our community:

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