Dollar Bill and Madison surprise and honor Mrs. Wylie at Lincoln Elementary

Dollar Bill and Madison heard about an incredible teacher in Lincoln, AL they just had to honor!  1st grader Lexi was diagnosed with cancer around Thanksgiving last year and it was of course a shock to her family.  Lexi is the youngest of 9 siblings!  She would have a huge support system through her battle but it turns out one of her biggest supporters has been Mrs. Wylie, her first grade teacher!  Mrs. Wylie loved Lexi from day one and immediately volunteered to be Lexi's homebound teacher.  She spends 2 nights a week after teaching her class at school, at home with Lexi and her family making sure she stays up on her studies during this difficult time.  She always makes sure Lexi feels like she is part of the class and Lexi's parents wanted to tell her just how much she has meant to the family!

So Dollar Bill and Madison decided to get with Lexi's family and surprise Mrs. Wylie at school.  Lexi came for one of her visits (which isn't out of the ordinary) and then the whole crew from 102.5 the Bull came in and Mrs. Wylie was shocked!  She didn't know what to think!  When she found out the surprise was from Lexi and her family she was brought to tears... there weren't many dry eyes!  The class got a donut party and Mrs. Wylie got a $100 gift card for anything she might need for her class, plus something fun just for her, Rock the South tickets!

THANK YOU Mrs. Wylie for what you do!  You're such an inspiration!

If you know someone that deserves a great surprise who is doing good in the community, nominate them below:

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