Do Cows Hate Fergie Too? Looks Like It!

First Fergie botches the national anthem at the NBA game, and now this?  It's a tough week for her music.  Even some cows may be mad!  

A 25-year-old woman named Mellisa Meville from the Isle of Wight, in England has been traveling around India for the past few months.  And last week, she was in Jaisalmer, in northern India, when she saw a cow with a big HUMP on its back.  So she started singing "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas to the cow.  He was NOT amused . . .either sensitive about his humps or not a Fergie fan..... and he actually CHARGED at her and headbutted her.  She went flying through the air and wound up with bad cuts on her face, her shoulder, and her knees.  She was rushed to the hospital, and she's doing okay . . . but she says she's now afraid of cows.

And as for the cow that hit her, obviously he won't be looking at any punishment, since cows are sacred in India, but he now seems afraid of English tourist singing Black Eyed Pea's songs!