How many of these weird habits do you have??

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Do you ever wonder if other people share the same weird habits as you?  Well we found an online survey about it.  Here are eight questions we liked . . .

1.  When you leave a store without buying anything, do you get worried they'll think you're shoplifting?  75% of people said yes.


2.  When you write the word "Wednesday," do you sound it out in your head as "Wed-ness-day"?  85% of us do it.


3.  Do you pace around and fidget with stuff while you're on the phone?  78% said yes.


4.  Do you cringe when you hear a recording of your own voice?  82% said yes.


5.  Do you ever worry other people are judging you for how fast your windshield wipers are going in light rain?  52% say yes.


6.  When you're reading a book, do you ever space out . . . read a whole page . . . and then not remember any of it?  97% say yes.


7.  Do you ever close Facebook or Twitter because you're bored with it . . . then open it back up one second later without thinking?  93% say yes.


8.  Do you ever respond to your pet by saying, "I know" after they bark or meow?  83% of us do it. 



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