New Bachelorette revealed and it's BIG NEWS!

"The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" have a combined 33 seasons . . . and it hasn't been very successful at forming lasting relationships.  So, they're trying something a little new and adding some diversity.  Last night, it was announced that Rachel Lindsay will become the franchise's first black lead.  She's a 31-year-old lawyer from Texas.  And she's currently still in the running to win the love of Nick Viall on "The Bachelor", which is strange.  Apparently, that doesn't work out. 

The star of the next cycle is usually announced after the current season ends, but ABC jumped the gun and revealed the news a few weeks early.  Why did they spoil their own show?  Who knows . . . maybe they were really excited to show off their new black friend.  In any event, Rachel is attractive, she has a good personality, and she's smart . . . but she's facing an uphill battle to actually meet the man of her dreams.

Of the 32 completed seasons of the two shows, only SEVEN couples are still together . . . although three of those haven't even been together for two years yet, so we'll see.  "The Bachelorette" does have a slightly better track record of the two, as five of the 12 couples are still together . . . at least, as of last night.