Study Shows 12 Main Cliques in Social Hierarchy of Schools

High school can be a cliquey and isolating wasteland of social dysfunction. A study published in the Journal of Adolescent Research looked into the social hierarchy of schools and came up with 12 main cliques that kids revolve around:

  • Populars – rich, attractive, and well-known

  • Jocks – associated with sports and parties

  • Floaters – these are those that can “float” from group-to-group

  • Good-Ats – well-rounded and well-liked

  • Fine Arts – skilled and artistic

  • Brains – academically superior

  • Normals – unknown and invisible

  • Druggies/Stoners – use and deal pot, and possibly other substances

  • Emo/Goths – the wear black because that’s what the feel inside

  • Anime/Manga – love anime, Japanese video games, and graphic novels

  • Loners – keep to themselves with low senses of self-worth

After discussing the different types, The Bobby Bones Show divulged into what each show member's 'clique' was in high school. We had 3 populars, 2 floaters, 1 brains and 1 emo. 

Listen to the show discussing below. 

Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones

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