Breland Posts Pic Of Shattered Glass After 'Someone Broke Into My Truck'

Photo: Getty Images

Breland posted a photo of the front seat of his truck covered with shards of glass. The Cross Country star said “someone broke into my truck, smashing the front and side windows. I’ve got half a billion streams outlining why this was a bad idea 🤬”

He referenced his smash-hit anthem that released in 2020, “My Truck,” preceding his debut album that dropped last September: “You can drink my liquor/ You can call my lady/ You can take my money/ You can smoke my blunt/ Scuff these Jordans/ You can say you hate me/ You can call me crazy, but/ Don't touch my truck”

Twitter users were quick to rally in support of Breland, including some who wrote: “Man that really sucks hope they catch whoever did this!,” “I am so sorry that happened to you BRELAND. That is terrible. Sorry your going through that,” “I hope they get caught. That happened to me once- it really shook me at the time,” “I hope they get caught! I’m sorry this happened to you,” and “The one thing he asked you not to do… he said you can take my girl just don’t touch my truck !!!,” to name a few.

Breland didn’t post any other updates on his truck as of publication time on Wednesday (May 31). See his photo here:

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