This Is The Most Popular Type Of Pizza In Alabama

Margharita Pizza In Pan With Hand In Restaurant

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Deep dish is the most popular type of pizza in the state of Alabama.

Eat This, Not That compiled a nationwide list ranking each state's most popular type of pizza, which included deep dish as the top choice for Alabama.

"Deep dish pizza is the second most popular across the states with nine ordering it the most," Eat This, Not That's Meghan Cameron wrote. "Alabama is also the state with the least expensive pizza orders overall."

Here is Eat This, Not That's full list of the most popular type of pizza in every state:

  1. Alabama- Deep Dish
  2. Alaska- Deep Dish
  3. Arizona- Sicilian
  4. Arkansas- Supreme
  5. California- Veggie
  6. Colorado- White
  7. Connecticut- White
  8. Delaware- Sicilian
  9. Florida- Sicilian
  10. Georgia- Deep Dish
  11. Hawaii- Thin Crust
  12. Idaho- Veggie
  13. Illinois- Deep Dish
  14. Indiana- Deep Dish
  15. Iowa- Thin Crust
  16. Kansas- Supreme
  17. Kentucky- Buffalo Chicken
  18. Louisiana- Supreme
  19. Maine- Deep Dish
  20. Maryland- White
  21. Massachusetts- Sicilian
  22. Michigan- Deep Dish
  23. Minnesota- Deep Dish
  24. Mississippi- Sicilian
  25. Missouri- Hawaiian
  26. Montana- Veggie
  27. Nebraska- Veggie
  28. Nevada- Sicilian
  29. New Hampshire- Buffalo Chicken
  30. New Jersey- Sicilian
  31. New Mexico- Sicilian
  32. New York- Sicilian
  33. North Carolina- Meat Lovers
  34. North Dakota- Hawaiian
  35. Ohio- Hawaiian
  36. Oklahoma- Supreme
  37. Oregon- Hawaiian
  38. Pennsylvania- White
  39. Rhode Island- White
  40. South Carolina- White
  41. South Dakota- Buffalo Chicken
  42. Tennessee- Supreme
  43. Texas- Supreme
  44. Utah- Margherita
  45. Vermont- Veggie
  46. Virginia- White
  47. Washington- Veggie
  48. West Virginia- Sicilian
  49. Wisconsin- Deep Dish
  50. Wyoming- Supreme

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