It seems most people still want to work from home

Do people still like working from home?


Another day, another survey showing lots of people want to keep working from home– or at least be able to work remotely some of the time. This survey, by Flex Jobs, found that 58% of respondents want to work from home full-time. 39% said they would like a “hybrid” job that allows them to work at the office and at home. Just 3% want to return to the office full-time.

But just because workers want to work from home doesn’t mean their employers agree. According to the survey, 42% of respondents said they are being required to return to the office, while 27% said their employer is allowing them to have a flexible schedule. Just 17% said their employer is allowing full-time remote work.

And it seems workers are willing to quit over their remote work wishes. 44% of those surveyed said they know at least one person who has quit or is planning to quit their job because they are being told to come back into the office full-time. 29% say they’re looking for a new job that allows for remote work. And 17% said they would quit their current job if they didn’t have remote work options.

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