The Great Cutlery Debate

THERE are some things in life we don't give much thought to and they just get done a certain way.

One such thing is the order of our cutlery drawer, or at least that's what we thought.

A woman shared a snap of her perfectly organised utensils, arranged in order of knives, forks and spoons.

But upon asking how others arrange theirs, a debate erupted, with many suggesting their own way which they think makes more sense.

In fact, over 10,000 chimed in on the debate suggesting the right and wrong ways to do it.

Some people didn't have an explanation for why they do what they do, while others firmly stated why it should be such.

Nope, spoons, knives, forks," one person said.

While another wrote: "Nooo. Forks on the left as most people eat with a folk in that hand and the knife in the right. You’re stressing me out!"

Agreeing, another wrote: "This makes me very uneasy! Knives to the right please."

Fuming, someone else wrote: "Fork knife spoons, your tray is driving me mad, I want to come and swap them over, How do you hold your cutlery? I hold it Fork in left hand knife in right, I wonder if we put them in order depending on which hand."

Many argued that the correct order should depend of whether you're left or right handed, while some defeated mums said they don't even bother.

I have no idea. All I know is there's more calpol syringes than teaspoons in the bottom bit, one said."

And another joked: "Randomly changes. Depends who empties the dishwasher."

Many agreed with the poster though, with one saying: "Defo!! I even have a habit of changing other peoples if I go into theirs as it plays with my head! Aha! Knife fork spoon!! 100 %!"

Others simply agreed by saying "finally" and "yes", but it seems there was no correct answer.

So how do you do yours?

Source: The Sun

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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