New Vaccine has been Approved!

The CDC has given the green light to distribute Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine. They’re shipping out today – and expected to start getting into arms as early as tomorrow. A CDC panel voted to recommend the single-dose shot for use in the U.S. just days after the FDA granted emergency use authorization.

Johnson & Johnson's vaccine is the first single dose COVID vaccine on the market. While the Pfizer and Moderna products are focused on preventing any infection, the J&J vax hits that mark at about 85%. But this vaccine? It protects people from severe complications and death to the tune of 100%.

For his part, Dr. Anthony Fauci says the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is strong protection against COVID-19 – and on NBC’s “Meet The Press” noted that it shows a lot of promise against the recently discovered variants.

Where do we stand with COVID-19?According to the latest numbers from Johns Hopkins, the United States has confirmed just over 28-million diagnosed cases across the United States since the beginning – with just over 513-thousand have succumbed to the illness. In good news? Nearly 20-million people have recovered in the United States. As for vaccinations, more than 241-million vaccineshave been delivered in 103-countries around the world. Of those, the United States has delivered 75.2-million doses into arms.

Source: CNBC

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

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