TJ Osborne shares Big News!

I met TJ and John Osborne at a sushi bar in LA years ago. It was a loud, out of way hole in the wall kinda of place. I still remember the night like yesterday. It was a great night getting to know them and their music. And 6+ years ago their music would have been labeled on the fringe for Country. But I was a fan from the first note...always have been. TJ and John are some of the most underrated musicians in Nashville...and some of the best guys to hang with. They always remember me and the radio station and want to hear what crazy things Dollar Bill is up to. That's another article and another day :)

I think what TJ today was brave...took alot of guts. Truth be told, I don't care if TJ is Gay, not Gay....really who cares? That's his business, his life...all I know is the I love the dude and his brother John and love their music. So keep rocking!