Morgam Wallan in hot water again...this time using a racial slur

Another sad day for Country Music....a sad day for America. Someone you like and cheer for is caught on camera being disrespectful and using a racial slur. I'm not including the video obtained by can find it. It's just too sad to watch. Morgan caught on this video Sunday night at his home yelling at someone in his neighborhood and using the N word.

This is sad to watch as I've known Morgan before he was famous. I still remember him coming into my office singing his songs telling me his story. It was easy to see this kid had something special. And it's so troubling to watch the things he's done in the past year...I hate it it. But what I hate worse is hearing anyone, Morgan...anyone use words like this. We just can't allow these words to be used in our culture. It's hurtful and it's wrong. I'm praying Morgan will get the help he needs to course correct his behavior.