Dan and Shay Join Blake on The Voice: I know how they got the job!

I've been fortunate to know Dan & Shay before it was cool. They've played shows for us at The Tin Roof for 50-1000 people before they hit it big. Over the years, Dan and I have become really good friends. It's not like we see each other all the time but Dan texts me at least one a month just to check in. He and Shay are some of the best if not the best artists in Nashville as far as working hard to stay in touch with radio and radio programmers. Nobody works harder than Dan and Shay at staying in touch, writing, producing...obsessing over production...you name it! They are some of the hardest working artists in Nashville. So when Blake chose them to join him on The Voice as mentors...I was like...that's no brainer! Congrats Dan and Shay...your hard work is noticed once again!