Thomas Rhett Says Quarantine Has Been A 'Blessing In Disguise'

Thomas Rhett Says Quarantine Has Been A 'Blessing In Disguise'

Thomas Rhett Says Quarantine Has Been A 'Blessing In Disguise'

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, have been quarantining with their three daughters, Willa Gray, 4, Ada James, 2, and Lennon Love, 5-months, for several months now. In a recent interview with his record label, the country singer revealed how grateful he's been for the extra family time.

"When you have kids during this time you definitely have to figure out new ways to allow them to have fun while also kind of exercising their brain," he says.

The "Be A Light" singer went on to share just how he's been keeping the kids busy during quarantine.

"We’ve just been finding new ways to get outside," he says. "We’ll go swing in the hammock, we’ll go walk in the woods, we’ll play in the pool, we’ll go to Chick-fil-A’s drive through. I mean honestly, walking to the mailbox has kind of been the highlight of our days, most days."

Rhett was originally going to be out on the road this summer for his "Center Point Road Tour," but the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic put a pause on live shows. While he misses playing concerts, Rhett does admit he's been thankful for more time with his girls.

"To me, it’s been kind of a blessing in disguise to be able to hang out with them and get to learn them a little bit better," he explained, "because on the contrary I would be on the road, but now I get to be at home and wake up with ‘em, go to sleep with ‘em and just finding new ways to have fun with ‘em."

The family has spent most of their time during the pandemic at their home in Nashville, but was recently able to take a trip down to the beach in Florida. Rhett has shared several photos on Instagram from their trip, including one of him standing on the beach holding baby Lennon. See several photos of the family enjoying their trip below.

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